Who We Are

The Showroom SA Is founded by Father ( Craig Milne) and son ( Jason Milne). together  they have been working with the Retail industry for more than 25 years and have sourced, imported and created brands for major retails . We have created over 1500 products for the retail market ( under the name of Flagon Imports and RTD South Africa). With retail buys growing more efficient at sourcing their own product the sourcing business is becoming a very difficult market.

If retailers can source and sell their own products. Why can't we sell our own products. Thus the Showroom SA was born. This is an online business supplying product directly to the end user “You”. No more buying products with people constantly adding there fee on it.

The Showroom SA offers the solution of giving you great innovative product at really good pricing. Our goal is to grow the worlds most amazing brands by bring them to South Africa and straight to your door.